Our Approach


We love open source, but not all open source is good for the community. In our experience the only real licensing model that works is MIT. So projects we release are licensed with the MIT license. If you develop open source we encourage you to do the same.

Placing complecated or onerous resctrictions on the usage of your code isn't really 'open.'

Projects we use.

From Ruby on Rails to Grape there are a lot of really great open source projects that we use everyday.

Here's a code of conduct we try to adhere to when using open source:

  • Report bugs back to maintainer of projects we use.
  • When possible, submit patches or failing tests for any bugs we find.
  • Contribute back any additions or fixes we make.
  • Only maintain private forks of projects when absolutely necessary.
  • Support organizations that support the open source community.



We use Grape with Grape Entity in several projects for mobile APIs.

This project is a set of 'shoulda-style' matchers for RSpec to help test Grape Entities.


With minitest taking over from test-unit as the default framework in Rails4 it is a good time to start using it. But we really miss the readability of the 'its' syntax provided by RSpec.

its-minitest is really a small hack that gives minitest support for using 'its'.

Mapbox (unofficial)

The Mapbox gem is a wrapper for for the static maps API. Totally not fancy, but should work to simplify producing static maps.

Mapbox Rails (unofficial)

This project wraps Mapbox.js and their custom version of Leaflette.js so that they can be used with the asset pipeline.

Parse Resource (fork)

We are in the process of refactoring a large portion of Parse Resource for some projects we are working on.

We intend to open a pull request to get them merged upstream, but while still in development we are maintaining a fork for our own use. We've made several critical fixes and some important improvements so you may wish to use our fork until it is merged upstream.

Grape Demo

Grape Demo is just a simple project we've put together to demonstrate how we are using grape in mobile APIs. It doesn't have some things we us in production systems like caching or sockets, but it is great for talking about Grape.

Other Projects We've Contributed To: