We specialize in iterative software development and consulting
with a focus on web-based and mobile applications and APIs.

5 Years of running Elixir in Production.

On March 30th we're celebrating the 5th Anniversary of the very first Elixir/Phoenix application we built.

Five years ago, we completed a migration moving the first of what would be many client applications from Ruby to Elixir. The initial request was for Erlang, but we convinced them that Elixir would be a better choice for them in the long run.

Thanks, José Valim, for creating such a great language to work with.

We're Hiring

AGiLE ANiMAL is looking for two software developers to work Remote or from our office in Edmonton, Alberta.

Elixir or Ruby experience is desired, but we've got some great remote pairing lined up and are willing to help you expand your skills if you have a solid foundation in software development.

Get the details here.